BBQGuys Flambeau Vinyl Sticker - BBQSTK-FLAMB - BBQ Grill Shop
BBQGuys  Flambeau Vinyl Sticker - BBQSTK-FLAMB

BBQGuys Flambeau Vinyl Sticker - BBQSTK-FLAMB

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BBQGuys Flambeau Vinyl Sticker - BBQSTK-FLAMB
Color: Orange
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BBQGuys Flambeau Vinyl Sticker - BBQSTK- FLAMB. BBQSTK- FLAMB. BBQGuys Brand Merchandise. Being a BBQGuy? As easy as enjoying company through great times and amazing food. Usually with juicy fumes wafting from a piping- hot barbecue grill. Our most diehard fans wanted a badge of honor, so we made one - actually, we made four. But these stickers are a little tougher than the ones on that whimsical Trapper Keeper - remember those? - your kid carries around. Printed on the most durable vinyl we could find, these crisp BBQ decals are strong enough to last, wherever you go. Weatherproof? Check. Dishwasher- safe? Absolutely. Made to proudly withstand scratches, water, and direct sunlight, they look fantastic on tumblers, coffee mugs, propane tanks, stainless steel cabinets, outdoor refrigerators, and anywhere else you can think of. Join us in celebrating the barbecue spirit - and, before you ask, yes: they even shine on Trapper Keepers.Dimensions: 2.75- inches x 1.75- inches